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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Take a deep breath

I had been dreading today... Wednesday... the day I follow up on those letters I sent out. I'd himd and hawd all morning washing dishes, doing my Bible study extra carefully, tweezing eyebrows, you name it.

However, I went in my office and low and behold an email response to one of my letters! Wow!

So I opened it up and there is black and white was the YWCA. Despite the fact that they need my help, the economy hasn't allowed for them to take advantage of my service, which is completely understandable but sad. However, they have a Young Leaders Board and are throwing a fall fashion show and could use my help as a volunteer! Now mind you, this man has never met me in his life but somehow he thought this fashion show was right up my alley! I emailed him back, interested and excited and we'll see where it goes!

Ok so back to the hard part. I decided that since I"m an email person everyone else must be too. So if there was an email address I had I used it - God forbid I pick up the phone. BUT, after confessing to a friend that I hadn't gotten up the courage to call, I felt guilty and called. Thankfully I got all answering machines. :) However I did accomplish my mission of following up with Group 1. I even had a few responses... I've decided if it's not a flat out no, it's not a no, right?

So chin up! I'm out there, I may as well embrace it. Tomorrow I have another big group to follow up with and I'll keep you posted. It ain't easy but I got the hang of it, my script was ready too... shortened after the first answering machine cut me off! :)

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