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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Class of 2018

Today Angel (front, center, two tier black skirt), my little sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters, was recognized at an awards assembly (remember those??) at her elementary school in South Dallas - Joseph J. Rhoads. See all those little faces? (Disregard the awfulness of my camera from far away.) That's our future class of 2018, man I felt OLD. The ones who received a "commendable" on TAKS (aka - really good) also received a placard with their name, class year and current college choice. While Angel's said *cough cough* we're still working on her, there were quite a few TAMU mentions! It had something to do with the lady in the white shirt (far right) but I whooped none the less.

They bolted upright when the pledge of allegiance began without the 8 year old leading it telling anyone and even knew the one for Texas which they said right before a 2 minute memorization of a school motto ending with "I have aspirations for myself!" or something like that! So despite the bad rap kids get these days and the bad rap DISD gets, those teachers work hard and are good role models and help kids. One student (first on the left below) scored a PERFECT score on reading, writing and composition sections... again the unmentionable school of choice but whatever, she rocked that test!

I felt really uplifted when I left the program, a brilliant sunset painting of Angel's in my hands. Congrats class of 2018, as one teacher said, "I may not be here to see it, but somebody tell me when you get up there!" I just hope I can change her mind about colleges... there's still time.

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