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Monday, May 24, 2010

Second Grade

Not many people can say that their second grade teacher is a missionary, has lived all over the world and named her fourth child after their mother, but I can. I got an email update from her the other day and it got me thinking. She has a busy life with four little ones and a husband in graduate school but she prays for everything and gives the Lord credit for everything. Her last email caught me when she said, "God helped her (speaking about her daughter) get 5th of 18 girls in the long jump!" I have to admit, I thought... did God really help her or is she just practicing really hard, naturally an athlete or some other reason. I have puzzled for days over - did God really help H place 5th?

So, I finally realized that either I wasn't asking/letting God help with tasks or I wasn't giving him credit for helping me even when I didn't ask. It's so easy to give yourself credit, no matter the size of the task, I have to remind myself to stop, pray, ask for help before I move forward. I believe God will work around you or through you, but you must be open to listening and acting and you will do a better job when you do not act in your own strength but His.

I have attached a photo of some of the Munoz's work with the Wycliff Bible Translators. While they are not pictured, this was a ceremony of a tribe receiving Bibles in their own language, a 22 year project for some of the missionaries involved.

Abraham turned to the crowd and yelled, "Listen! The Holy Word of God in our Gapapaiwa language has arrived!" And the crowd joined him in cheering, "Enosaire! Enosaire! Enosaire!" (Pronounced 'eh-no-SIGH-ray' which means both 'hurray' and 'welcome'.)

Something tells me they asked faithfully for God to help them.

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