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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Interrogation

I had several ideas as to what this post might be called including, "The Beat Down - Clint Eastwood Style", "Interviewed by Dirty Hairy" and "Are you kidding me, what just happened?!" So let me explain.

Earlier this week my new client asked me if she could introduce me to her mentor and of course I obliged. So Thursday morning I drive up to Lewisville (about 20 minutes north) and walk into a room at their Chamber of Commerce office. A 6'4", 70-something man greets me and introduces himself with a very sturdy handshake. He seemed nice enough and we small talked as we waited for my client to arrive.

Dr. Srinivasan (my client) gets there, the door shuts and the giant spotlight clicks on (not really) and the interrogation began. For 45 minutes I was grilled into the floor by Al aka Clint Eastwood about what on earth I was going to do to help Dr. S's school. It was one of those "read my mind" type interviews and I was in trouble. At some points I would look at him and there would be NO WORDS in my head to respond. I had been jumped! So I had to take a deep breath, have a little humor and do the best I could.

Towards the end of the beat-down I think Al warmed up to me, he even told me I did well and handled the pressure better than most. I felt fried and victorious all at the same time. And I learned a lot in the process. He's smart and the questions he asked were right on and I know that he'll be a great person to run ideas by.

That morning I didn't have time to do my Bible study like I normally do so I did it later that night. The verse for the week was so appropriate as we studied Deborah, the Judge and prophetess of Israel, she told the commander in Judges 4:14, "...Has not the Lord gone ahead of you?" And that's just how I felt. The Lord went ahead of me and I think softened Al's heart just a little.


  1. Glad you survived the interrogation. Sounds pretty intimidating. Norah studied Deborah this week too (for the first time). She is really digging that there are some Bible stories with girl heroes in them!

  2. how could he not warm up to you? i'm proud of you...don't let some big guy intimidate you...we girls were raised to not let anyone intimidate us! be have lots to offer and plus you're just great!